A Message (and a Gift List) to Lift the Spirit of the Season

This holiday season finds Grand Forks’s streets and stores humming with as much activity as has been seen for some time—which brings us to a particularly upbeat year’s end. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa that’s spelled out in overhead banners, this is the one time of year when the ...

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“Squeeze” on Buying a Home is Loosening its Grip

Because buying a home has long been a hallmark of success in America, whenever that possibility seems to weaken for the average Joe (or Josette), it comes as sobering news. Back in June, CNN Money ran a downbeat story focused on how the rising cost of housing had been “putting ...

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Next Year’s Homes for Sale Benefit Most from…??

For local homeowners whose Grand Forks Area homes will be up for sale in 2018, there’s bound to be some consternation regarding how much time, effort, and budget needs to be directed to the project. In addition to formulating a timetable for extra maintenance in areas where signs of undue ...

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