A Century of NAR® First House Buyers Guidance…and a Quiz!

October 17, 2017

Our organization—the National Association of Realtors®—offers a wide range of guidance for Grand Forks area families who have decided it’s time to land their first house. With more than a century’s worth of experience, you’d expect nothing less.

Last week we happened across an article the NAR had distilled that looked like a must-read for anyone who is just starting out on the path to buying their first house. Its title was “8 Critical Things to Do Before Buying a Home.” Each of the eight was apt—and important to mull over—but it’s the kind of list that’s awfully easy to read without giving much thought to the individual items.

The challenge was to come up with an interesting way to share the ideas with you. The article put the “8 critical things” in order—so we decided to make a game out of them: a quiz.

See if you can guess what was the order—from first to last—that the NAR presented them in. We don’t know that the order we’d choose would match theirs exactly …but see how well yours does:
-A. Amass a down payment
-B. Go mortgage shopping
-C. Ponder the future (*We love this one: wait till you see where the NAR put it!)
-D. Crunch your numbers
-E. Know your credit score
-F. Get educated
-G. Ballpark your closing costs
-H. Interview at least three real estate agents

The NAR’s answers are at the bottom, but we have a minor addition for Grand Forks area first house buyers: if you’re just getting started, you can get a head start right now by giving us a call. There’s never an obligation, but we’re always happy to discuss where you are and the options you might already have.

In any case, later—when it comes to action H.—you’ll definitely have a head start!


D, E, A, F, H, B, C