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House Design Idea Summed Up in a Single Word

There’s news in the world of house design—for a change! Those who keep in touch with the house design innovations that buyers are currently favoring know one thing is for certain: they don’t change overnight. True innovations are rare. Fads occasionally come and go (remember “industrial décor” and barn door ...

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For Buyers and Sellers, a Great Pet Divide

Pets and real estate have a love/hate/love relationship—a strong one. For prospective Grand Forks area buyers and renters who own pets, a home’s suitability can be a make-or-break element in their decision. But how the home sellers handle their own pet wrangling is another matter entirely. The statistics give us ...

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Successful Showings also Involve an Illusion

Showings—whether here in Grand Forks or anywhere else—can succeed or fail as a result of quite minor details. Appreciating that fact isn’t hard to do when you relate showings to their theatrical first cousins: stage presentations. In important ways, they are quite similar. Think of what happens when you attend ...

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